1000 Deluxe Racer Instructions and Manuals

100 Deluxe Racer 30 in 1 models kit by Laser Pegs
1000 Deluxe Racer 30 in 1 models kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) 31.1 Mb
Amphibious Vehicle Instructions Manual.pdf – 7 Mb
Mini Tank Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 6.4 Mb
R1 Tank Instructions Manual.pdf – 6.3 Mb
Recon Instructions Manual.pdf – 4.2 Mb
Small Crane Instructions Manual.pdf – 5.8 Mb
Snow Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 5.2 Mb

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This 1320b Tank Runners models kit by Laser Pegs was released in 2014. The Pieces in this kit are completely compatible with all similar construction blocks and Laser Pegs alike.

Build the motorized light up Mini Tank and 5 more light up models like the Amphibious Vehicle, R1 Tank and the Recon Runner. This Laser Pegs Runners Tanks is 6 Models in one kit, meaning you can build and build and be happy!

Power over treacherous terrain with these motorized light up Laser Pegs® Tank Runners. Build from the 6 models shown or optimize your own surveillance vehicle for that top-secret recon mission. This rugged power base lets you build directly on its surface with Laser Pegs® and construction bricks so that you can make any of your creations cross the unknown. Illuminate and explore with the Laser Pegs® Tank Runners kit. Just install 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included) into the Runners Power Base to illuminate your Laser Pegs®. Change the switch on the bottom of the base to cycle through these 4 settings: power off, illuminate while still, illuminate while in motion, flash while in motion. The speed of the Runners® can also be changed to Fast or Slow, and a hitch on the front and back of the base allows you to hook your model to any other Runners™ Power Base.

With this kit you can build the following models:

Laser Pegs 1320b Tank 6 in 1 Kit Includes:

  • 2 Laser Pegs®
  • 24 Construction Parts
  • Runner Power Base
  • Instruction Manual
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