6-in-1 Spider #61015

Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Spider

Get up close and personal with the creepiest crawlers you’ve ever seen in this 6-in-1 Spider kit from Laser Pegs® Builder! Test your bravery as you build the Scorpion, Beetle, or the Dragonfly. As night approaches, give your family & friends a real scare by lighting up your cringeworthy creations and showing everyone how awesome light-up bugs can be!

Building Instructions

Beetle PDF
Cricket PDF
Dragonfly PDF
Scorpion PDF
Spider PDF

Laser Pegs 6-in-1 Spider Kit Includes:

  • 4 Laser Pegs
  • 113 Pieces
  • Includes 3 LR44 Button Batteries and 3 LR41 Button Batteries

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