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PB2150B Power Block Formula Racer Instructions and Manuals

Laser Pegs Power Block Formula Racer Lighted STEM Educational Toys Building Instructions Laser Pegs® 12 in 1 Models Power Block Formula Racer Kit Building Instructions 60’s Racer pdf – 2.8 mb Baja Racer pdf – 4.6 mb Concept Car pdf – 2.96 mb Convertible pdf – 2.3 mb Formula Racer pdf – 1.6 mb Modified Racer pdf […]

PB1450B Galactic Cruiser Power Block Instructions and Manuals

Laser Pegs Galactic Cruiser Power Block Set Building Instructions Download PB1450B Laser Pegs Galactic Cruiser Space 12 in 1 Power Block Building Instructions Manuals Battlestar Cruiser Instructions Manuals 3.9M Drop Ship Instructions Manuals 4.1M Escort One Ship Instructions Manuals 3.7M Galactic Cruiser Instructions Manuals 3.9M H Wing Fighter Instructions Manuals 3.4M Icarus Transport Instructions Manuals 4.6M Infinity Eagle Instructions Manuals […]

PB2150B Scout Helicopter Power Block Helicopters Set

Laser Pegs® 8 in 1 Models Power Block Scout Helicopter Kit Building Instructions Air Falcon pdf – 2.8 mb Chinook pdf – 4.6 mb Dolphin Tail pdf – 2.96 mb Rescue pdf – 2.3 mb Scout Helicopter pdf – 1.6 mb Stealth pdf – 1.6 mb Tilt Rotor pdf – 2.3 mb Twin Tail pdf – […]

STK110B Deluxe Freestyle Kit

STK-110B_CRANE_CITY.pdf STK-110B_DINO_CAR.pdf STK-110B_FLOWER.pdf STK-110B_MR_NOSE.pdf STK-110B_PLANE.pdf STK-110B_RESCUE.pdf STK-110B_SPACESHIP.pdf STK-110B_SPEAKER_CAR..> STK-110B_STARTER_KIT..> STK-110B_TEMPLE.pdf   What are Laser Pegs®? If you’re one of the few who still haven’t heard about The Original Lighted Construction Set®, this is the kit for you! The Laser Pegs® Deluxe Freestyle Kit comes with everythingyou need to get building and playing in no time […]

ZD007 Zippy Do Trains 3 in 1

ZD_007_TRAINS.pdf ZD007 Zippy Do® – 3 in 1 All aboard with this traintastic 3-in-1 Trains kit from Laser Pegs® Junior! Ride the rails as the conductor of the Steam Train, Passenger Train, or the Freight Train. Don’t forget to light up your creations so your adventures can last all day or night! Combine this kit […]

ZD006 Zippy Do Rescue Truck 3 in 1

ZD_006_RESCUE.pdf ZD006 Zippy Do® – 3 in 1 Everyone’s counting on you to save the day with the 3-in-1 Rescue kit from Laser Pegs® Junior! Quickly assemble the Fire Truck, Ambulance, or Police Car with a few simple snaps and you’re ready for endless fun. Turn on the Zippy Do® power base and watch the […]

ZD005 Zippy DO Construction 3 in 1

ZD005 Construction Instructions PDF ZD005 Zippy Do® Construction – 3 in 1 Make the heavy lifting fun with this rough and tough 3-in-1 Construction kit from Laser Pegs® Junior! Make sure to grab your hard hat before building the Bulldozer, Crane, or Dump Truck. Light up your creations to take the fun to a whole […]