G1670B Bomber Instructions and Manuals

G1670B Cargo Plane 16 Models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs
G1670B Cargo Plane 16 Models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals (zipped) – 69.5 Mb
Aurora Stealth Fighter  pdf – 8.5 mb
Blackbird Jet pdf – 10.4 mb
Canard Jet pdf – 5.5 mb
Cargo Plane pdf – 1.6 mb
Communications Jet pdf – 6 mb
Delta Wing Fighter pdf – 8.3 mb
Executive Jet pdf – 7.5 mb
Mustang pdf – 7.2 mb
Space Shuttle pdf – 5.9 mb
Strike Eagle pdf – 7.2 mb
Wart Hog pdf – 5.9 mb
WWI Biplane pdf – 7 mb

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Become a world-class ace pilot with this stellar 12 in 1 Cargo Plane kit from Laser Pegs! Choose from an array of striking aircraft including the Aurora Stealth Fighter, Communications Jet, Strike Eagle, Delta Wing Fighter, and many more. Your imagination is the limit, let your building experience take flight! Light up your creations to take them to new heights!

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