G1700b Spider Instructions and Manuals

Spider 12 in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs.
Spider 12 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs.

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 18 Mb
Grasshopper pdf – 2.8 mb
Wasp pdf – 4.6 mb
Spider pdf – 2.96 mb
Scorpion pdf – 1.6 mb
Praying Mantis pdf – 1.6 mb
Mosquito pdf – 2.3 mb
Fly pdf – 1.6 mb
DragonFly pdf – 1.9 mb
Ant pdf – 2.7 mb
Flying Ant pdf – 2.3 mb
Fruit Fly pdf – 1.8 mb
Green Beetle pdf – 1.8 mb

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The brightest creepy crawlers you’ve ever seen exist in this incredible 12 in 1 Spider kit from Laser Pegs®! Build your favorite insects like the Grasshopper, Scorpion, DragonFly, Mosquito, Praying Mantis, Ant, and many more. When you’re through building light up your creations to make the fun last all night long!

The Laser Pegs® Spider 12 in 1 Models Kit Includes:

  • 15 Laser Pegs®
  • 148 Construction Parts
  • Triangle Power Base
  • Peg Cord
  • Instruction Manual

With the Laser Pegs® Spider Instructions and manuals, you can build these models..

… Or Create your very own, original, Laser Pegs® Model and submit it to us here: Laser Pegs

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