G9000B Mini Indy Racer Instructions and Manuals

G9000B Mini Indy Racer builds 8 Models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs
G9000B Mini Indy Racer builds 11 Models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 35 Mb
Battle Drone pdf – 4.8 mb
Big Wheel pdf – 2.8 mb
Construction Crane pdf – 4.9 mb
Little Red Wagon pdf – 2.7 mb
Mini Indy Racer pdf – 4.2 mb
Speed Demon pdf – 5 mb
SWAT Vehicle pdf – 3.8 mb
Trike pdf – 3.4 mb

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Laser Pegs® Mini Indy Racer. Build 8 Lighted Race Cars Construction Models in 1.

You may start small, scooting around the neighborhood on your Big Wheel, but you dream big. With the Laser Pegs® Land Kit you will speed down the track in your Mini Indy Car, race across the plains in your Wind Wagon and even stop once in a while to spy on a Giraffe. This world is huge and there is no time to waste, so take these 10 Laser Pegs® and 40 construction parts and get ready to think it, build it and light it up. Ready? Go!

The Laser Pegs® Mini Indy Racer 8 in 1 Kit Includes:

  • 10 Laser Pegs
  • 40 Tinted Construction Bricks
  • Triangle Power Base
  • Peg Cord
  • Model Instructions
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