MPS200 Robots Series Instructions and Manuals

MPS Robots
MPS Robots builds over 4 models with one Laser Pegs Set!

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 10 Mb
Android pdf – 2.8 mb
Helper Robot pdf – 4.6 mb
Mini Android pdf – 2.96 mb
Worker Robot pdf – 2.3 mb

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MPS200Build the light up Worker Robot and 3 more light up models: Helper Bot, Android, Mini Android

The Laser Pegs® MPS Robots Series 4 in 1 Models Kit Includes:

  • 2 Laser Pegs®
  • 61 Construction Parts
  • Mobile Power Source
  • Instruction Manual

With the Laser Pegs® MPS Robots Series 4 in 1 Instructions and manuals, you can build these models..

… Or Create your very own, original, Laser Pegs® Model and submit it to us here: Laser Pegs

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