NG300 National Geographic Dinosaurs Instructions and Manuals

Allosaur, 2.3 mb
Ankylosaur, 7.5 mb
Brachiosaur, 1.8 mb
Chialingosaur, 2.2 mb
Dilophosaur, 2.3 mb
Gastonia 2.4 mb
Graciliceratops, 2.2 mb
Huayangosaur, 2.25 mb
Ichthyosaur, 1.6 mb
Microraptor, 7.4 mb
Mosasaur, 2.7 mb
Ouranosaur, 2 mb
Parasauraloph, 2.1 mb
Plesiosaur, 2.3 mb
Pterosaur, 1.8 mb
Sauroloph, 2.3 mb
Sauropelta, 1.8 mb
Spinosaur, 1.8 mb
Stegosaur, 1.8
Styracosaur, 2.8 mb
Tapejara, 4.9 mb
Triceratops, 2.3 mb
Tyrannosaur Rex, 5.7
Velociraptor, 5.8 mb

This is the ultimate construction kit 65 million years in the making…the mega 24 in 1 National Geographic Dinosaurs kit from Laser Pegs! Go back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world and build your all time favorites like the Brachiosaur, Stegosaur, T-Rex, Velociraptor, and many more. Then take the fun to a whole new level when you light up your creations! The possibilities are endless!

National Geographic Dinosaurs 24 in 1 Models Kit Includes:

27 Laser Pegs®
191 Construction Bricks
1 Triangle Power Base
1 Instruction Manual
100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits
Requires 3 AA Batteries, Not Included

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