NG400 National Geographic Space Instructions and Manuals

2 Stage Rocket pdf – 7.2 mb
Alien Stunt Fighter pdf – 1.2 mb
Astronaut pdf – 4.6 mb
Flag on Moon pdf –  .9 mb
Giant Robot, 1.6 mb
Helper Bot, .9 mb
Hover Vehicle, 1.3 mb
Mars Transport Vehicle, .9 mb
Mars Voyager, 1.3 mb
Mini Robot, .9 mb
Mini Space Shuttle, 1 mb
Moon Rover, 9.5 mb
Moon Speedster, 5.2 mb
Other Worldly Walker, 6.8 mb
Rocket, 3.1 mb
Shuttle and Gantry, 4 mb
Space Capsule, 2.5 mb
Space Marine Troop Lander, 2.9 mb
Space Shuttle and Satellite, 3.1 mb
Space Telescope, 3.8 mb
Starship, 3.5 mb
Transport Shuttle, 2.4 mb
Space Shuttle Carrier, 1.9 mb
Star Cruiser, 5 mb

Voyage to a distant galaxy or colonize a new world with this awesome 24 in 1 National Geographic Space kit from Laser Pegs! You are the astronaut as you build out of this world models like the Mars Voyager, Hover Vehicle, Alien Stunt Fighter, Star Cruiser, and many more. When space gets too dark light up your creations to keep exploring to the edge of the universe and beyond!

National Geographic Space 24 in 1 Models Kit Includes:

36 Laser Pegs®
125 Construction Bricks
3D Lite Board® Power Base
1 Instruction Manual
100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits
Requires 3 AA Batteries, Not Included

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