NG500 Landmarks and Archaeology Instructions and Manuals

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 123.3 Mb
Alamo, 7.2 mb
Angel of the North, 5.7 mb
Aquaduct, 4.6 mb
Arc de Triomphe, 6.9 mb
Big Ben, 4.6 mb
Bradenburg Gate, 5.8 mb
Burj al Arab, 3.8 mb
Burj al Khalifa, 4.1 mb
Capital Records Building, 7 mb
Castle Ruins, 9.5 mb
Chichen Itza, 5.2 mb
Church Ruins, 6.8 mb
Colosseum, 3.1 mb
Egyptian Pyramids, 8 mb
Empire State Building, 7.5 mb
Gateway of the Sun, 2.9 mb
Leaning Tower of Pisa, 3.1 mb
Lincoln Memorial, 3.8 mb
Moai, 3.5 mb
Nelson Mandela Stadium, 2.7 mb
Notre Dame Cathedral, 6.2 mb
Oracle at Delphi, 3 mb
Palace of the Forbidden City, 3.2 mb
Parthenon, 6.6 mb
Petra, 6.9 mb
Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria, 3.2 mb
Sphinx, 4.5 mb
Stonehenge, 7.7 mb
Tower Bridge, 8.2 mb
Windmill, 4.1 mb

Travel the globe and discover historical treasures of old and new with this jaw dropping 30 in 1 National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology kit from Laser Pegs! Become a world famous explorer by building models like the Colosseum, Big Ben, the Lincoln Memorial, the Egyptian Pyramids, and many more. Your building experience is simply the beginning, once your finished you can light up your creations to make them world famous!

National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology 30 in 1 Models Kit Includes:

32 Laser Pegs®
244 Construction Bricks
3D Lite Board® Power Base
1 Instruction Manual
100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits
Requires 3 AA Batteries, Not Included