RN2180B Photon Runners Instructions and Manuals

Motorized Photon Runners Building Instructions

Amphibious Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 4.6 Mb
Boost Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 4.5 Mb
Drone Launcher Instructions Manual.pdf – 6.3 Mb
Photon Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 9.8 Mb
Radar Runner Instructions Manual.pdf – 4.6 Mb
Shuttle Crawler Instructions Manual.pdf – 5.6Mb
Snowcat Instructions Manual.pdf – 5.2 Mb
Troop Carrier Instructions Manual.pdf – 5.2 Mb

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MOTORIZED LIGHT UP PHOTON RUNNERS: Photon Runner – 8 Models in 1 Kit

Set phasers to stun as you embark on the ultimate mission with this awesome 8-in-1 Photon Runner kit from Laser Pegs! Pick from 8 totally unique models like the Radar Runner, Drone Launcher, Troop Carrier, Snowcat, and many more. When the room goes dark, light up your creations and take playtime to all new levels of fun! Plus as an added bonus we’ve included 4 rubber tires so now you can choose whether your creation uses treads or tires! Includes Runner Power Base with 2 Speed and 4 Light Settings, 6 Laser Pegs, 90 Tinted Construction Bricks, and 4 Rubber Tires.

Building blocks are always great playtime option for kids. They really encourage little ones to use their imaginations, and help to refine motor skills. When they get a little older, they want something a little more exciting and challenging, the Laser Pegs 8 in 1 Photon Runner is just the ticket! This cool set takes classic blocks to the next level, thanks to its motorized base. Kids build upon the base to create wild new vehicles to race, and when they’re done, the base actually drives around on its own! They can follow the suggested designs or go crazy with creating their own designs – either way, they’re sure to have a blast for hours on end!

Laser Pegs® Photon Runners 8 models in 1 kit Includes:

  • 6 Laser Pegs®
  • 93 Tinted Construction Parts
  • Runner Power Base with 2 speeds and 4 light settings
  • Instruction Manual (Additional Manuals can be found below or on the manuals page)
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