ZD140B Planes Instructions and Manuals

Planes by Laser Pegs.
planes 6 in 1 models kit

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 6.7 Mb
Aurora Stealth Fighter pdf – 1.5 mb
Communications Jet pdf – .8 mb
Eagle pdf – 1.9 mb
Executive Jet pdf – 2.7 mb
Mustang pdf – 1.5 mb
Warthog pdf – 1.4 mb

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Fly in style with this deluxe 6 in 1 Plane kit from Laser Pegs! You are the captain, your mission… Adventure! Take to the sky in any of these exciting model jets: The Executive Jet, Stealth Fighter, Warthog, and many more. And now with the exclusive Zippy Do power base you can light up your planes and jets creations to show them off day or night!

The Laser Pegs® Planes 6 in 1 Kit Includes:

  • Zippy Do Power Base
  • 2 Laser Pegs
  • 60 Tinted Construction Bricks

With the Laser Pegs® Planes 6 in 1 Instructions and manuals, you can build these models..

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